ION at Moncton Marathon Expo

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On October 25 2014, ION attended the Moncton Marathon Expo in Moncton, New Brunswick where we had the honor of meeting all the amazing athletes who were picking up their race kits. One of the participants we got to speak to truly stood out. This individual was not out to break any time records or publish his personal achievements but his love for running was truly addictive. He was about to complete his 81st marathon! What a truly amazing individ...

There’s no trick to a safe Halloween

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Halloween is almost here and who can resist all that candy and the excitement of getting dressed up in your favorite costume!! However, as much fun as it is, Halloween has dangers as well – and not just in the ghoulish costumes we see at our doors! According to an article by the Independent Mail, motor vehicle and pedestrian fatalities have increased by 30% on Halloween. The age group that is most at risk of traffic related fatalities on H...


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Being invisible definitely has advantages…if you are a cat burglar. But as the days get shorter, runners that are out at night often have a mistaken sense that that they are not only visible but invincible to the drivers around them. I’ve even thought it myself. “It won’t happen to me. I will notice something and get out of the way before anything happens”. This kind of thinking can have disastrous consequences....
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