ION Iron on Replacement Guarantee

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If your ION comes off, we will send you a new one no questions asked....

Safety does not have to be a pinstripe anymore!

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More and more companies are starting to think about making their customers visible when they are out exercising at night. Jackets have pinstripes on them, knapsacks have a small bar and pants sometimes have thin strips of reflective material. That’s practical and all but it’s BORING!! My mission is simple. I’m here to tell everyone that SAFETY DOESN’T HAVE TO BE BORING ANYMORE!...

Running with your Dog!

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Those of you with dogs know that it’s much easier to get out on the road when you have a furry friend to encourage a walk. If your dog is anything like mine, too much time indoors makes him a little crazy so it doesn’t matter what the weather is, we are usually out on the road several times a week. But if you happen to live in a cold weather environment then it is important to remember that dogs feel the cold too. The level of cold that a dog ...
Although ION is a small (but quickly growing) company, one of our mandates is to give back to our community. We looked for a like-minded (aka safety oriented), organization in need that we could help out and came across the Atlantic Canadian Ski Patrol. They were very keen to partner with us because better safety on the hill means fewer serious accidents and they see first-hand the devastation of skiing accidents....

It happened….and I missed it!!

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So the time changed this past weekend to end Daylight Savings Time. I have to tell you that day is one of my favourite days of the year. I get to choose whether to stay up an hour later or to go to bed early and get one more hour of precious sleep. The excitement of knowing that I get that extra hour is akin to what I feel the night before a great vacation!!!...
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