Announcing the SNOWFLAKE PROGRAM supporting Atlantic Canadian Ski Patrol

Announcing the SNOWFLAKE PROGRAM supporting Atlantic Canadian Ski Patrol

Although ION is a small (but quickly growing) company, one of our mandates is to give back to our community. We looked for a like-minded (aka safety oriented), organization in need that we could help out and came across the Atlantic Canadian Ski Patrol. They were very keen to partner with us because better safety on the hill means fewer serious accidents and they see first-hand the devastation of skiing accidents.

Thus the Snowflake Program was born. Brainchild of Sales Manager, Ben Noseworthy, the Snowflake Program is an adhesive decal in the shape of a snowflake (what else?!) that adults and children alike can stick on their helmets and/or skis so they can be more visible when downhill skiing at night.

The most common types of accident on the slopes can be prevented. These accidents sometimes are a result of people going too fast and not paying attention to what is in front and to the side of them. Ben worked at a ski shop for years and one of the most common complaints he would hear from parents was that people skiing down the hill could not see their children and they were fearful that accidents would occur (and sometimes they did).

The problem most children face when on the slopes is that they move slower, turning differently than more experienced skiers and they blend into the fall line (the line down a mountain or hill which is most directly downhill). The chance of accidental collision increase when skiing in over cast or night conditions. According to a study conducted in Norway 1 out of 6 skiing injuries was a head injury but what is more astonishing according to this study is that 1 in 4 injuries was a direct result of a collision.

Snow sports equipment is great for doing its job – protecting the head, for example, so that if a collision occurs the impact is reduced. However, there is little to no reflective material to prevent that collision. Enter ION and the reflective snowflake!!!

If you are a skier or snowboarder keep your eyes open for the reflective snowflakes on the mountain and be respectful of the code of conduct for the mountain. The reflective 3m snowflake decals will be sold at locally owned ski shops in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland (see below). You can also purchase them online here. Safety First!

Retailers of the ION Snowflake program:
Aerobics First – Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mike’s Bikes Shop – Dieppe, New Brunswick
Shred Board Shop – Rothesay, New Brunswick
Radical Edge – Fredericton, New Brunswick
ProXsports – Campbellton, New Brunswick
George’s Ski World – Steady Brook, Newfoundland
Over The Edge Sports – Clarenville, Newfoundland

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