It happened….and I missed it!!

It happened….and I missed it!!

So the time changed this past weekend to end Daylight Savings Time. I have to tell you that day is one of my favourite days of the year. I get to choose whether to stay up an hour later or to go to bed early and get one more hour of precious sleep. The excitement of knowing that I get that extra hour is akin to what I feel the night before a great vacation!!!

You must understand that my relationship with sleep is deep and turbulent. There are nights when I lay awake for hours at a time and I have been in a state of sleep deprivation since my early teens!!! Sad to say but I long for a Friday night when I can be in bed by 8pm so the opportunity to get another hour of sleep is a huge deal for me!

As the owner of a business that helps people stay safe in the dark, I should be in the know when it will start to get dark earlier right? So you can imagine my surprise when I got up on Sunday morning at the regular time when finally, someone texted me and casually mentioned that we had an extra hour. And so…I had missed one of my favourite nights of the year and I don’t feel dramatic when saying that it was a tragic misstep!!!

Daylight Savings Time not only gives us that extra hour of sleep but also bring darkness so much earlier in the evening. Now it’s almost impossible for most of us to get outside for our exercise in the daylight. When you have to be outside in the dark, make sure that you are visible. IONs can help by turning your existing clothes into safety gear – and they look great in the daylight we do get.

Here are some facts about Daylight Savings Time

  • Some studies show that DST could lead to fewer road accidents and injuries by supplying more daylight during the hours more people use the roads.
  • DST is also used to reduce the amount of energy needed for artificial lighting during the evening hours. However, many studies disagree about DST’s energy savings and while some studies show a positive outcome, others do not.
  • US inventor and politician Benjamin Franklin first proposed the concept of DST in 1784. However, Germany was the first country to implement DST on April 30, 1916 when the clocks were set forward at 11:00 pm (23:00).


Claire Driscoll

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